Chimple Class is a very helpful app for teachers and school administration.

The engaging educational Chimple Kids App created based on the prescribed school curriculum will be linked to the Chimple Class App from where the teacher will be monitoring the entire classroom. This way, a teacher can assign homework to students and can evaluate their performance, and understand their learning patterns.


A teacher can manage multiple students from different grades at the same time through the Chimple Class App. This will help teachers to build a positive classroom environment.

Below mentioned are frequently asked questions about setting up an account on Chimple Class App.

A guide on how to get started with Chimple Class App

How to download and register on the Chimple Class App?

As a new user, download the free Chimple Class app on your mobile device or a tab. Once the download is complete, open the app to register and create a new account s a teacher. A detailed video explaining the process is mentioned below. Here is a step-by-step guide; once the app is downloaded, there is a button at the bottom, don’t have an account? Click on Register. Here, there are two ways to register, One, using your 10 digit mobile number, and Second, using your email address. To register with a 10 digit mobile number First, add the profile photo, this will help students to identify the class teacher. Enter your full name, enter your 10 digit mobile number and click on REGISTER. Once you have registered, you will be notified with a 6 digit OTP via an SMS. A box will pop where you need to enter the 6 digit OTP. This way, the app has successfully registered and created your teacher account with the help of your 10 digit mobile number. To register with an email id On the landing screen, at the bottom, click on Register, next to “ Don’t have an account?”. On the same screen, right side below the phone number, click on ‘ use email instead’. Enter the necessary details - your email address, add the password, re-enter the password for verification and click on REGISTER. You will receive a verification email from the Chimple Class team on the registered mail address; verify the email by clicking on the link displayed in the email. Once the link is verified, you have successfully registered and created your teacher account with your email address. For existing Chimple Class users To login via the registered email id (except google id), enter your mail id, enter the password and you are in the app! To login via google id, click on continue with google. The drop down will ask you to login through the registered mail id. Choose the option of your preference, enter the correct email address and you are in the app. To login via mobile number, add your 10 digit mobile number, enter the OTP received via SMS and you are in the app.

How to create a class in Chimple Class App?

Once the account is registered and created, Click on I want to create a school. Enter the school name and click on Add School. Add the Class and submit. Tap on the subjects you wish to add to the class and click Add. Once the class is created, a teacher will land on the screen from where she can access everything at one go. To create multiple classrooms based on the school requirement; On the top left corner you will see three lines, tap on it, and a drop down will appear with the list of app functions. Click on Classes. Create a new class by clicking on the plus icon (+) at the bottom right corner. Name the class for identification – example. UKG and click add. Here, you can switch between the multiple classrooms by clicking on the class button on the top right corner on the landing page. Please have a look at the video for further clarity:

How to link Chimple Kids App to Chimple Class App?

This is an important step for teachers. With this step, the teacher will be able to evaluate and monitor students' performance based on the assignments the teacher assigns to the students on the Chimple Kids App. On the homescreen of the app, the student appears in the bottom row of the screen which is in grey shade, By clicking on the student's name, you will see the profile of the student. At the bottom, you will see - Generate invite code. Click on it and the teacher will receive a 6 digit number. A teacher has to share the code with the parent by clicking on the share button to send it through a medium of their choice like SMS or WhatsApp on the students’ registered mobile number individually. Once the parent receives the code, The parent has to open the Chimple Kids App, Choose the language Tap on the Plus (+) icon, select the avatar, Select the age and gender of the child, Add the name of your child, Accessorize the chimple avatar, and you will enter the landing page. Among the three icons on the top, click on the middle one, in the box enter the code that has been received from the teacher, Once the parent enters the code in the Chimple Kids app, it is now connected to the chimple class.
In the Chimple Class app, a teacher will see an option ‘Connected to home device’ with a tick mark beside it and the name of the student will move into either Red, Orange or Green band on the home screen. The teacher can add and invite a new student anytime by clicking on this + icon.

How to add subjects to the classroom?

To add subjects to a specific classroom, on the homepage, click on the top left corner where the classroom name is displayed, select the classroom in which you want to add the subjects. Click on the drop down button, tap on subjects and click on the subjects you want to add to the class.

Colour band on Chimple Class App Homescreen

As a teacher, you can see the students' performance at a glance on the homescreen. Red - Needs help Orange - Still learning Green - Doing good Grey - Not tracked yet

How to assign lessons to students?

The Chimple Class software is designed in a manner where it understands that students master at their own pace, hence the app allows teachers to individually assign a chapter based on the performance of a student. As homework for all, a teacher can also assign chapters at one go to all the students in the batch. Considering the Chimple Class App is linked with the Chimple Kids App, You will see three dots to the right of the screen, click on the dots to see the students list with the activities they have performed. Click on the activity button on the top right corner to see the list of chapters and lessons of the chosen subject. When you click on the chapter, the lessons in the chapter are visible. You will see at the glance how the student has fared in the chapter. Click on the button to assign the lessons to the student. A pop will appear which will give you a specific student name, assign to red, assign to orange, assign to green or assign to all. Choose what you prefer and click on the button. The assignment will be sent to the student/ students' based on the selection. Once the student completes the assignment, based on his performance, they will be in one of the colour coded bard. Green - If the student has performed good Orange - If the performance was average Red - If there were a lot of mistakes This colour code will help teacher identify the performance of the students. This way, a teacher can focus a little more on those kids who are who are under performing.

How to share the progress report with the parents and school administration?

Another attractive feature of the app is observing the students performance and sharing the weekly reports with parents and the school administrator. All you have to do is click on the share report button on the home page. You will see the list of students and lessons they have worked on. Choose the class and the subject. You can choose date for - This week, Last Week or customize them according to your requirements by clicking on the button When you click on Progress Report you can see the option of choosing assignments as well Click on the share button on the top left corner. Done!