Frequently asked questions

What is Chimple Teacher?

Chimple Teacher is an app available on Google Play store for teachers to monitor every student in each class to help students succeed with personalized learning.

Assigning lessons to students?

The Chimple Teacher software is designed in a manner where it understands that students master at their own pace, hence the app allows teachers to individually assign a chapter based on the performance of a student. As homework for all, a teacher can also assign chapters at one go to all the students in the batch.

How to evaluate the performance of a child?

Chimple Teacher app is connected with Chimple Learning app, an app where the child does all the assignment. All the reports are linked to the class teachers Chimple account, this is how the class teacher can evaluate the performance of every student in class, digitally. This performance report is shared in real-time with the administration and parents to update them quickly about the progress and status of a student in the class.

How do I get involved?

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