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Chimple Learning application is a free educational app for kids, a tablet-based comprehensive learning curriculum that is catered to children aged 3-8 years. Chimple is heavily gamified and designed to be used with minimal adult intervention so that children can learn through self exploration.


The purpose of the program is to support schools, teachers, students, parents and organizations to improve educational equity and provide easy access to education to young learners who need them the most around the globe.


Parents can download Chimple Learning App on their android smart phones and use it for their children at the convenience of their homes to learn English & Maths.


Schools deploy tablets in classroom. Children learn from tablets according to the timetable. Teachers monitor and assign activities that children can do at home on parents mobile.


Teachers enroll children through Teachers app. Children use parents mobile and learn. Teachers monitor and provide feedback to parents through Whatsapp.


Partners are given an affiliate link that they can share with parents. When app is installed using the link, partners get detailed reports to fine tune their learning delivery.

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