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Parents can download Chimple Learning App on their android smart phones and use it for their children at the convenience of their homes to learn English & Maths. The Chimple App is available for free on Google Play Store for Download. Parents having kids of around 2-8 years at home can use the Chimple App to make familiar their children with alphabet and numbers and slowly moving towards improving their foundational learning. Parents can create profile of their children, a maximum of 3 profiles can be created.

Parents  can allocate the Chimple Learning Program everyday for 30-40 mins for 5 days a week. Slowly with increase in child’s interest, the program time can be increased to two sessions of 30-40 mins in a day, morning and evening sessions. Parents can monitor the progress for their child’s learning and guide them towards improving their foundational learning skills.



  • Let's your kids learn letters from A to Z step-by-step

  • Learn to write and count numbers

  • Guide a child with absolutely no knowledge of the alphabet & Enables the child to self-learn reading and arithmetic

  • All the images in the app are made very precisely so that kids can easily identify and relate them to real-life objects

  • Curated bit-sized lessons for high engagement and can track progress with shiny achievements

  • The ‘Chimple’ character is joyful, it encourages children to think and learn

  • This interactive ‘Chimple’ character helps children solve their problem-solving ability when they get stuck

  • Children achieve foundational literacy and numeracy and progress to a stage where they can read to learn by themselves

  • Chimple App will make your child school-ready

  • Parents can view reports to monitor every student progress

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