Frequently asked questions

What is Chimple Learning?

Chimple Learning is a non-profit organisation in India, headquatered in Bangalore dedicated to radically improve children's learning. We believe that learning should be chimple and fun. Using our software - Chimple Learning, children can become literate and well versed in basic either on their own, or in a classroom.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to Chimple Learning is easy and free! Just download our app on Google Play Store and sign up. Since the application is for kids aged 03-08 years, parents or teachers need to create an account for their kids.

Is the Chimple Learning app available on App store?

No. Chimple Learning is currently avaialble only on google play store.

How do I delete a user?

Click on the 'Parent' icon on top right corner and solve the question displayed. Once you land on the user page, edit the user you want to delete, you will enter the user profile. 'A Bin' icon is on the top right coner, click on it to delete the user.

How do I mute the background music?

To mute the background music, tap on the parent icon on top right corner and solve the question displayed. You will land on the user page, edit the user you want to mute, you will enter the user profile. Visit 'Setting' make the sound 'OFF'.

Is the Chimple Learning app available on Google Play Store?

Yes, Chimple Learning app is available on google play store.

How do I get involved?

Please send us an email at

Question not listed?

If you don’t find an answer to your question, visit contact us and please fill out the contact request form or email us at

What are the systems required for Chimple Learning Implementation?

At Home, a parent's Android 4.0 and above Smart Phone with RAM 1G and a minimum storage of 8GB.

What languages Chimple Learning is available in?

Currently Chimple Learning is available in English, Hindi, and French language.

What are the backgrounds of the team at Chimple Learning?

Team Chimple Learning was a finalist in the Global Learning XPRIZE. We are an experienced and growing team of 80 members headquatered in Bangalore, India. The team is divided in departments like game developers, designers, researchers, teachers, language expert and on-field. We started as a small team, proud to share the team is still with us. We like and prefer working with new talent with diverse experience to build the product in new geographies.

What is the Global Learning XPRIZE competition?

Launched in 2014, the Global Learning XPRIZE challenged innovators around the globe to develop scalable solutions that enable children to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 15 months. In partnership with UNESCO, World Food Programme, and the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, XPRIZE conducted a field test with 2,700 children across 170 remote villages in Tanzania. Chimple Learning was named one of the top-five finalists in September 2018 and was announced the co-winner of the grand prize in May 2019 for achieving the highest gains in the field test.

How effective is Chimple Learning?

A field trial of our software - Chimple Learning was conducted in Tanzania for 15 months, during which children aged 7-10 have shown impressive learning gains. Hence we suggest, 30 minutues of daily learning for 15 months on the Chimple Learning app will make your child school ready.