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Child education made simple!

Award winning, free and fun app for children worldwide to learn on their own and in their language.


Chimple is an android app that can be used by K, 1st and 2nd standard children to learn reading, writing and maths through thousands of games, activities and stories. The app adapts to the child’s learning level and offers a personalized learning journey through an Artificial Intelligent engine which scaffolds the child’s learning. The child can use the app at home using personal mobiles or tablets, or at school using teacher-administered tablets. Teachers can use the companion app to track progress data and create a learning plan for the class or individual child. Chimple works without continuous internet access and can be used in school, community and distance learning situations.


When the child enters the app for the first time, a placement test is given. Based on the results of the placement test, the AI engine figures out the current learning level of the child. Subsequently, every time the child logs in, a customized welcome screen with recommended lessons for the child is shown. If the child wants to explore independently, every first lesson of each chapter is open. As the child finishes each lesson, the next lesson opens up. Every few lessons, a challenge is presented to the child to ascertain whether the previous lessons have been mastered. If so, the next lesson is opened. If not, the recommendation engine will make sure the child repeats the lessons till they get mastery over the material.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning | Chimple Learning


Children journey through 12 different worlds and meet 12 playful animals in each world. The animals become their friend through the learning journey. The child collects fruits, vegetables and other eatables that can be shared with the animal friend. Completing each activity unlocks rewards that can be used to accessorize the animal friend such as eyewear, headwear and footwear. Children can earn reward badges by completing challenges.


Teachers can track progress of the whole class and individual students. Our smart recommendation algorithm suggests assignments to teachers. They can also manually assign specific lessons to the whole class or to individual students. Communication between teachers and students/parents can be facilitated by Whatsapp or any other communication platform.

Our team of curriculum experts have carefully scaffolded the learning ladder so that children can complete their daily learning goals through simple and fun activities. Our reading and writing curriculum starts from alphabet and letter recognition, going on to phonics, word recognition, print concepts and finally focusing on fluency and comprehension. Our maths curriculum starts from number concepts, counting and going on to addition, subtraction and multiplication and finally word problems. Combined with best practices in child brain development, gamification and user experience, children can effortlessly navigate through the learning process to become literate and numerate.




"I strongly feel that, 'Learning ends where fun ends.' And Chimple exactly goes with this and it is designed in such a way that it makes learning so much fun that every kid is supper happy while having chimple learning in their hands."


Class Teacher

Tilaknagar Mumbai Public School


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