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Chimple Teacher


Chimple Teacher is an app for teachers to monitor every student in each class, to help students succeed with personalized learning.

The engaging learning material created by Chimple Learning for kids based on the prescribed school curriculum can be monitored by teachers through the Chimple Teacher app.

Chimple Teacher app is very easy to set up, and add participants. Teachers have access to chapters, lessons and games. Students don’t have to be physically present in a classroom, all they need is a mobile phone or a tab to complete the assignment for a teacher to track their report on the app. Based on every student’s performance, the class teacher through the Chimple Teacher app can give personalized recommendations for practice that is just right for them.

The Chimple software is designed in a manner where it understands that students master at their own pace, hence the app allows teachers to individually assign a chapter based on the performance of a student. As homework for all, a teacher can assign chapters at one go to all the students in the batch. This performance report is shared in real-time with the administration and parents to update them quickly about the progress and status of a student in the class.

The app features are very simple to use:
• Can easily add students in the classroom, by filling in three basic information – Name, age & mobile number
• Can monitor student’s performance through the app
• A teacher can add multiple classes, division-wise in the software for hassle-free coordination
• A teacher can assign subjects based on the timetable as planned
• The performance of students is monitored on four parameters – Doing good, still learning, need help, and not tracked yet
• A teacher can easily find and assign specific chapters/ lessons to the student. Students can work on assignments during class or for homework.

Chimple Teacher is the most trusted app by teachers and loved by students. During internal exams, a teacher can ask students to take practice quizzes or unit tests and see their progress to guide them better.

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