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The Robinhood Army

Chimple team in association with The Robin Hood Army, Bangalore is providing educational support to young learners. These on-ground sessions with The Robin Hood team for young learners have received an amazing response.

We noticed that parents have been very supportive. Through the interactive Chimple Learning tab, children get access to education, get's an opportunity to learn and practice basic education for a better future. We were ecstatic to notice that all the parents actively participated along with the kids to help them learn.

Ramkrishna school

The Chimple Learning program has been implemented in Ramakrishna Samagra Shikshana Kendra. This program has been loaded on tablets and is given to the School along with a timetable for running the program during the school hours. For charging the tablets a rack is provided and for login management a Wifi Router is placed in the rack. The Children have two sessions in a week, each session is for 1 hour. The teacher monitors the progress of the children and takes remedial classes for the slow learners.


The Program has impacted 400 children in a span of 2 Years. The program has improved the literacy and Math skills for the children of 3-8 Years. The children have got used to using technology at an early age and with good understanding of concepts, children learn and enjoy other subjects as well.

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