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Project in Mumbai

We have been conducting Tablet based Chimple Literacy and Numeracy learning program in 10 BMC schools from September 2019. The Project was implemented in the following manner:

  • Pre-implementation Activities:

    • Budgeting for various direct cost categories for Personnel like Program Coordinators, Trainers, Technology Equipment (e.g., charging system), Peripherals and accessories (e.g., headphones, tablet covers), Software (e.g., licenses, maintenance), Hardware (e.g., tablets, router), Site Materials & Maintenance: Facilitator materials (e.g., attendance registers, flip charts), Security equipment (e.g., locked cabinets), Services (e.g., maintenance) Trainings & Workshops: Training material, Appreciation cards, Token gifts / Participation awards, Monitoring & Evaluation: Accommodation and transportation (for evaluators, staff), Ethical approval by the appropriate commissioning body, Evaluator training, Outcome assessments, and Reports.

    • Site Survey & Visit was conducted to understand the profile of Learners attending the schools, Teachers / Facilitators are trained or additional training is required, Site is equipped with required facilities like electricity connections. This process also helped in understanding the session timings and how to fit the program in the regular timetable.

    • Procurement of Project Material: All the material required for the Program was ordered taking into consideration the lead time so that material reaches at right time at the site. This helped in installing of program in the school as per the schedule. Following things were considered for procuring the material : Average lifespan, Battery life and time to charge, Dimensions and weight, Maintenance and durability, Sensitivity to touch, Storage requirements.

  • Project Implementation & Delivery:

  • Facilitators Training: Facilitators were trained on how to handle the program in the school. They were trained and made to understand the purpose of project of using the Chimple Program for Learning, usage of hardware and how to trouble shoot and maintain the tablets, when and how to recharge, overview of the program, curriculum, how to login and create student profile, understanding of the program delivery, maintaining safety precautions in handling the tablet by children, how to identify struggling learners, how to improve engagement and learners participation, using available data reports to monitor progress. how to raise issues and provide feedbacks about the program.

  • Tech Setup: Installing the software in the tablets, testing the software for bugs, creating user / learners’ profiles, setting up the storage rack and checking the chargers, checking the battery life of tablets, installing routers.
  • Project Delivery started with identifying the step by step process what learners and facilitators will do during the learning program. This included process of arrival time and place of the learners and facilitators, learners seating arrangement, handing the tablets to learners by facilitators, two sessions to be conducted in a week, one for English and another for Maths, each session to be conducted for 1 hour, wrapping up the session as per the schedule, handing over the tablet back to facilitators, facilitators placing the tablets back in the storage rack for the charging and locking it.

  • Project Monitoring: A dashboard is provided for understanding the performance. The dashboard helps in identifying trends, pinpoint challenges and track improvement once a program change occurs. A Program Coordinator has been appointed for troubleshooting issues and provide regular maintenance of the program. The Program Coordinator has been visiting each school on a weekly basis.

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