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How do I view my child’s progress?

When children press on the library to select the subject, it further cycles through sub-topics.


Activities of each chapter will progress according to how your child is performing in the app. Children will progress quickly if they have mastered a topic. If they need more practice on a topic, they can go back to the same chapters and re-learn them. Children need to complete activities to increase the rate of progression in the app.

To view progress, click on the library > select the subject > and you will see the performance of your child.


The green circle indicates the status of the activity – how much your child has managed to learn. When you further click on it, you will see the performance of your child in each chapter. You can see which activities your child has completed successfully. The stars indicate your child’s progress in each chapter.

If you have more than one child and want to see their Chimple Learning performance, simply logout from parent access, you will land on a screen shown next to you.


Further, you need to click on the parent icon (top right corner), once you click on it, a pop up will appear that needs to be answered correctly to access your child’s performance.

Here, you will see the performance of your children. Click on report, you will get a detailed report on their performance on each of the subjects and their sub chapters.

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