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Parent guide: Using chimple at home

Chimple Learning is a free, interactive ads-free educational mobile app for kids aged 3-8. It has around 70 mini-games which help further literacy and numeracy. You can download the app on Google Play.


Once you open the app, you will land on the given screen, click on the top right Parent Icon - A pop up will come that needs to be solved to access the interactive application.

Once you sign up with a parent email address, visit the home screen to let your kid explore the Chimple Learning application.


Once the child lands on the home screen (refer to image 1), tap the orange icon on the top left corner to access the Library. When you click on the library (refer to image 2), a drop-down will appear - this drop-down cycle through four major subjects – English, Maths, Hindi, and Puzzle. When you shortlist the subject for your child, the child will further get diverse learning opportunities within the subject to learn and understand the concept in a fun, interactive, colourful, gaming manner (refer to image 3).


Guide your child to listen and learn with Chimple, our digital teacher, who is always there to encourage and help.


Ask your child to tap Chimple to hear what it says next!

If you are looking for a specific learning topic? Browse through sub-chapters among the given four major subjects. Under each subject, your child has more than 40 subtopics to shortlist and learn from.


The green circle indicates the status of the activity – how much your child has managed to learn. When you further click on it, you will see the performance of your child in each chapter. You can see which all activities your child has completed successfully. The stars indicate your child’s progress in each chapter.

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